JS ACAD'S  Microsoft .NET course is a 40 hours course, which covers all the concepts that made .NET probably the most popular Microsoft Framework. Starting from the very basics i.e. Framework Architecture, create the first and basic applications. We use ASP.NET ,C# and IIS for making the user view and making your Web Application more secure. At the end of the course, we will also create Web Applications and Web Services using MS.NET Framework.


After the completion of the .NET Course at JS ACAD, you should be able to understand:

1. Microsoft Framework Architecture

2. Development of Console Application

3. Building Windows application

4. OOP using C#.NET

5. Data access mechanisms provided by ADO.NET

6. Create and consume Libraries (.dll)

7. Create a web application using .NET

8. Integrating IIS with ASP.NET

9. Working with POSTBACK

10. Developing WebSite and WebApplication

11. Application Security

12. Development of WebService and Consume WebService