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What is Docker?
Docker architecture?
The underlying technology?
Installation of Docker?
Dockerizing applications?
Container usage?
Managing images?
Networking of containers?
Data in containers?
Contributing to the ecosystem?

What is this course about?

This course covers the fundamental concepts of Docker, the open-source platform for containerizing software. Docker enables software to run on servers, regardless of its environment—on premises or cloud. It does this by containerizing software in an exhaustive file system that includes everything it needs to run on any Linux server, from code, to system tools, libraries, and so on. Utilizing features of the Linux kernel, Docker isolates an application's access to the operating environment, such as user IDs, and limits resource consumption, including the CPU. Docker, thus, offers added layers of security and efficiency. Get a boost in software development by mastering this important new platform with Docker online training.

What are the course objectives?

Docker online training program covers all the concepts that are central to a working understanding of Docker. The topics covered under the course begin with the fundamentals of the platform: instructions on installing and integrating Docker into a working environment, and becoming familiar with containers and other components that Docker is based on. The course also discusses Dockerfiles, building and distributing images, and configuring containers. The course then moves on to more complex topics such as mounting volumes, networking containers, and deploying applications. Docker online training provides all of the knowledge necessary for running an application environment based on Docker, setting up a basic CI build, and configuring security.

Who is eligible for the course??

Working with Docker requires a basic working knowledge of Linux. Students would also benefit from familiarity with standard system administrator concepts and the ability to carry out basic systems administrator tasks. Docker online training program is open to all and there are no stringent pre-requisites for joining the course

Job Opportunities in Docker ?

Since 2013, when Docker was released as open-source, Microsoft has integrated the Docker engine into its Windows Server, IBM has announced a strategic partnership with Docker, and Cisco, Google, IBM, and Microsoft have been recognized as contributors to Docker. The Docker Hub contains more than 450,000 Dockerized applications. In 2016, Docker surpassed 4B container downloads. With such aggressive expansion, Docker has taken over key component parts of software development and, by extension, DevOps. It is, therefore, highly advisable for software developers who want to stay relevant in the field to get a firm grip on this technology. Docker online training program can help you master this powerful platform and dramatically upgrade your professional skills.

At the ending of JS ACAD’s Docker Course, We will provide the Course Completion Certification.

Instructor-led Sessions

30 hours of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Weekend class:10 sessions of 3 hours each and Weekday class:15 sessions of 2 hours each.

Real-life Case Studies

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving Docker.


Each class will be followed by practical assignments which can be completed before the next class.

Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access to the Learning Management System (LMS). Class recordings and presentations can be viewed online from the LMS.

24 x 7 Expert Support

We have 24x7 online support team available to help you with any technical queries you may have during the course.


Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project. JS ACAD certifies you as a Docker Expert based on the project.


We have a community forum for all our customers wherein you can enrich their learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.

Cloud Lab New

Cloud Lab has been provided to ensure you get real-time hands-on experience to practice your new skills on a pre-configured environment

What if I miss a class?

Do you know attendance rate in all JS ACAD Live sessions is 83%?

You will never miss a class at JS ACAD. Your learning will be monitored by JS ACAD's Personal Learning Manager (PLM) and our Assured Learning Framework, which will ensure you attend all classes and get the learning and certification you deserve.

In case you are not able to attend any lecture, you can view the recorded session of the class in JS ACAD's Learning Management System(LMS). To make things better for you, we also provide the facility to attend the missed session in any other live batch.

Now you see why we say we are "Ridiculously Committed!"

Will I Get Placement Assistance?

More than 70% of JS ACAD Learners have reported change in job profile (promotion), work location (onsite), lateral transfers & new job offers. JS ACAD's certification is well recognized in the IT industry as it is a testament to the intensive and practical learning you have gone through and the real life projects you have delivered.

Can I Attend a Demo Session before Enrollment?

If you have seen any of our sample class recordings, you don't need to look further. Enrollment is a commitment between you and us where you promise to be a good learner and we promise to provide you the best ecosystem possible for learning. Our sessions are a significant part of your learning, standing on the pillars of learned and helpful instructors, dedicated Personal Learning Managers and interactions with your peers.

So experience complete learning instead of a demo session. In any case, you are covered by JS ACAD Guarantee, our No questions asked, 100% refund policy.

Who are the Instructor at JS ACAD?

Our instructors are expert professionals with more than 10 years of experience, selected after a stringent process. Besides technology expertise, we look for passion and joy for teaching in our Instructors. After shortlisting, they undergo a 3 months long training program.

All instructors are reviewed by learners for every session they take, and they have to keep a consistent rating above 4.5+ to be a part of JS ACAD Faculty.

What if I have more queries?

Diamonds are forever, and so is our support to you. The more queries you come up with, more happy we are, as it is a strong indication of your effort to learn. Our Instructors will answer all your queries during classes, PLMs will be available to resolve any functional or technical query and we will even go to lengths of solving your doubts via screen sharing. If you are committed to learn, we are Ridiculously Committed to make you learn.

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